Excel Help

Automating reports, slicing and dicing information, organizing and formatting data, creating “idiot-proof” reports and macros – whatever your excel needs are, the experts at Outsource Excel are here to help.  Whether you use excel on a personal or professional level, we can help streamline your work by creating custom macros, formulas and charts.

Do you need your data designed, combined, organized, formatted, or analyzed? Our experts will listen to your needs and work with you to create an intuitive, professional, customized spreadsheet. Whether you need help with one formula or an entire project, we will consult with you to get the job done. Our consultants have one job – making your life, professional or personal, easier. Save time. Impress your boss. Contact us.

Advanced Excel Help
Your excel problems are our challenges. Hearing a client tell us that we’ve saved them 20 hours of work per month on tedious tasks is why we got into the business to begin with. If you know enough to know that you don’t know how to solve a specific problem, that’s enough. We can make a recommendation on the best course of action for you take on your project based on our experience with excel’s many functions. We’ve been told we have the uncanny ability to make complex concepts, formulas, macros, and data practices accessible to the common man – and that makes us proud.

Excel Automation
Do you waste time repeating the same computer tasks over and over again? Does your boss expect you to maintain and update data sheets everyday? Imagine the time you could save if these repetitive tasks were done automatically each morning, with minimal effort. Make you and the board members happy by consulting our experts to help you automate almost every data-related task you need to accomplish. Save yourself the frustration that comes from repeating the same task everyday and let us know how we can make your life easier.

Excel Macros
Open browser. Copy data. Open spreadsheet. Enter data into Column B. Highlight new data. Save spreadsheet. Close spreadsheet. Close browser. Consider the time you could save if you took all of these steps and condensed them into one press of a button. If you ever find that you have to complete a complex series of tasks every morning before you can even start to analyze the data that is essential to your business, consider contacting our experts to help you create custom macros. These macros allow you to complete a task by pressing one button instead of eighty-seven. We can build simple or complicated macros that will be so helpful, you won’t believe how much time you used to spend on a now-automated task.  And the best part is – you won’t need to learn VBA.

Advanced Excel Formulas
There are over four hundred formulas in excel to help you with your data. Do you know them all? We don’t either! But we do know syntax, how to make your spreadsheet smarter, and even more importantly, we know how to creatively combine excel formulas to complete tasks that could not be accomplished otherwise. It is one thing to know the basics of excel formulas, but it is another to be able to look at a task and design a custom-fit formula for the job. Don’t think a formula exists for what you want to do? Just ask! You’d be surprised what we can accomplish by combining several common functions with a few not-so-common formula strings.

Make Spreadsheets talk to each other
At Outsource Excel, we know your data interact in complex and important ways. Just because you keep your data in separate spreadsheets does not mean that the data in one sheet is irrelevant to the data in another. Our experts can customize your excel spreadsheets to interact with one another automatically on a daily basis. You want to pull data from one sheet and add it to another everyday? No problem. Do you need to use the data in one sheet to create a template for another sheet? Our experts can do it. Your data does not work in isolation, and neither should your excel sheets. Contact us to see how you can get your spreadsheets talking to one another.

Professional Charts and Graphs
Rows and rows of data can become overwhelming. Charts and graphs are excellent ways to organize complex data so that it is easy to view and analyze. Creating a chart that accurately reflects your data, however, is not always as simple as pressing ‘insert chart.’ If you have intricate data that you want summarized or organized in an simple, intuitive way for yourself, your boss, or your employees, Outsource Excel can help. No matter what your data is or what you want your chart to say, our experts can create a customized, perfect professional design for your business.

Data organization/formatting
Redundant and hard-to-read spreadsheets can be the Achilles heel of any company. To increase speed and decrease confusion (of both the human and computer variety), your data needs to be organized and formatted in a simple and logical way. Do you have three spreadsheets that say the same thing, in different ways? Our experts can help you avoid redundancy by combining your data into one optimized sheet. Do you want negative cells to show up in red while positive cells register in green? Color-coding, headings, bolded and italicized words – we can do it all. Let us know what you want organized or formatted today.

Data Analysis
Gathering data is one thing, but analyzing it is something completely different. Even the most intelligent person can become overwhelmed by the data that they handle on a daily basis. Our analysts offer a fresh set of eyes for your data. We can look at large amounts of complex data and highlight the juiciest points. Our extensive knowledge of excel and broader experience in the world of data analysis allow us to look at your dataset and provide the insights that you need to impress your boss or move your company to the next level. We work with you to make sense of the data, allowing you to turn the raw information into profitable knowledge.

No matter what kind of excel help you need, the bottom line is: If it’s Excel, we can help.