Autocorrect in Excel

AutoCorrect is a tool that when you type it will correct the most common mistakes that people usually make. For example, if you type “cta” the AutoCorrect function will automatically convert it to “cat”.

Another benefit about it is that when you type, you can just write a few letters and it will automatically put the copyright symbol. So for example, if you type (c) , you will see the copyright symbol(©). There are several more symbols setup to work in that way and help you out. It makes working with Microsoft Excel really easy.

Also, using acronyms is really simple in Excel. An acronym is a serious of letters that are used to stand for a greater meaning. Usually the names they stand for are really long and if you had to type them every time when you entered text, it would be irritating and time-consuming. Microsoft lets you type those acronyms into Autocorrect so that whenever you type them in, you get the whole terms converted right away.

So in order to have the AutoCorrect work, you should go to the Tools menu and then choose Autocorrect options function. Then, a dialog box will pop up and you can choose the Autocorrect tab. There is also a Check box with the text “Replace as you Type”. So you need to select the Check box in order for Autocorrect to work since that is the option which corrects your spelling mistakes as you type.

Now you can simply open Microsoft Excel and try it out on your own. You will notice that it can save you a lot of time, which you can use for doing something of more importance to you.

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